Online home delivery of liquor in Pune


With the recent news about COVID-19, we wanted to let you know what we’re
doing to keep our community, partners and customers like you safe. We are
committed to being there for you when it matters by delivering your favorite
liquor at your doorstep. Ordering beer, wine, whisky, gin, vodka, tequila,
cocktails and rum has now become a hassle-free process. We are taking
precautions advised by public health officials and we are partnering with
retailers to promote healthy delivery practices like zero contact delivery.
We also have Alcohol Consumption Management Program (ACMP) which will
help you in managing and stocking up your liquor needs in these difficult
times. All the members will have to place an order one day before they need
and will get benefited from our several other schemes like free snacks etc.
This is one of a kind program that has been launched for the first time ever in
India to cater to our liquor lover friend’s needs.
Get our membership at just Rs.350 for 6 months and Rs.500 for a year to
avail host of benefits like discounts , vouchers, cashbacks and many more.

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