4u2 is helping start-ups, existing shop owners, budding entrepreneurs to start their business online with ease & comfort at most affordable prices. We have a dedicated team of most experienced technocrats who are from varied backgrounds like technology, finance, sales & marketing etc.
Our mission
We believe that the ecosystem we power can transform the lives of a billion Indians over the coming decade. They will have access to groceries at the best value, be able to discover products that improve their health and wellbeing, and spend more time with their families. The more you spend the more you gain.
Our vision
You can invest in digital products and gain handsome returns up to 200% in 5 years and 300% in 7 years.
A unique concept of 21st century to fight inflation. We have come up with a plan wherein a customer gets instant benefit of up to 20%. For example if you deposit Rs.10000 in your wallet, you get instant benefit of 20% that is Rs.12000 will be credited to your account. You can purchase from our superbazar worth Rs.1000 every month to avail various schemes and benefits including cash back offers or you can withdraw cash up to Rs.1000 which will attract 5% withdrawal charges and GST as applicable. We are offering best quality and comparable prices. If you are not satisfied with our products, you can return it and get instant refund.
Our core business is software development which includes website development, android app development for e-commerce, Hotel & Tourism, Educational & LMS and a marketplace.
Digital Investment
Doubling of investment depends upon Tenure, rate of interest and risk reward ratio. This can be explained with the “Rule of 72.”
If you invest an amount, there is substantial growth in the money over some time. The money may even double due to the compounding of the returns. With the method of the “Rule of 72,” you can calculate the time that will make your money double.
. We are well aware of the proverb “A rolling stone gathers no moss” which means if we change our thinking and adapt as the situation demands we will never lead a miserable life again. Its high time to act smart and start Digital Investment with us.