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Who we are:
4u2 is a digital solution provider agency which creates custom strategies for clients based on their ideas, needs and goals. We are envisaged to commend the web plans and deploy technologies to build brands over the internet.
What we offer :
We are offering a digital platform for doing online e-commerce business which can be done with ease from the comfort of your home. The applications provided by us are available on different verticals like grocery, pharmacy, fruits & vegetables, food & wine delivery, laundry, education & training, transport and multi-vendor market place on any customized platform as required by the client at economical and affordable costs with easy finance options.
Food delivery app:
This app enables both the franchisee and their customer to cement the gap between the vendor and the customer.
Features of food delivery application:
• Welcome / Startup App Screen

• Sign In Screen

• Sign Up Screen

• Take Tour Screen

• Cuisine Collections

• Cuisine Detail Screen

• Cuisines Grid

• Order Cart

• Search Restaurant Map

• Shipping Parcel Details

• Recommended Dishes

• Payment

• Real time order tracking
Grocery/multi-vendor delivery app:
Launching soon ! For the first time in India , loan is available for bulk purchases of grocery. Buy now, deliver later ( scheduled delivery) with vaayda karobar benefit.
Online Ordering:
Android app to order grocery online from the nearest grocery store.
Advance Search:
Search the desired product through advanced search by entering keyword.
Schedule Booking:
Schedule the delivery time to receive order as per customer’s convenience.
Order History:
Quickly repeat the order saved in the order history of each customer profile.
Multiple payment options to choose and pay for online grocery delivery.
Notification & Alerts:
Real time alerts to customer about grocery delivery status through email and SMS.
Real Time Tracking:
Track the grocery delivery order status in real time on map interface.
Review & Rating:
Let customers to review and rate their experience and helps in betterment of business.
Benefit to Franchisee :
1. Easy to operate and manage
2. No inventory costs
3. No storage cost
4. Operate by comfort of your home
5. Cost-effective
6. Excellent Return On Investment (ROI)
7. Voluminous sales/deliveries
8. Low maintenance cost
9. No recurring cost
10.Generate employment and contribute towards a better economy
11. Low investment with finance available
Benefit to customers:
1. Hassle-free operation
2. On-time delivery
3. Medical certified delivery boys (Covid-19 free)
4. Police verified delivery boys
5. Interactive real time order tracking
6. Zero contact delivery
7. Multiple digital payment options available ( no physical currency transaction to avoid covid-19 transmission )
8. Various schemes and offers
9. Finance for bulk grocery purchase
Return on Investment
One time franchise fees ( Non-refundable) :
Rs.1,50,000 + 18% gst = Rs.1,77,000
Revenue Model:
The Revenue Model is calculated taking into account 300 working days & 300 customers during 1st year of business. The average
spending of each customer having 4 members in a family will be Rs.2,500 on grocery and Rs.1,000 on fruits & vegetables as per the available data.
Total revenue: Rs.6,30,000 + Rs.7,20,000 = Rs.13,50,000
Less : Expenses ( Delivery charges 12000 (deliveries in a year) * Rs.50/delivery charge) =Rs.6,00,000
Other expenses, wastage & goods returned = Rs. 1,00,000
Revenue = Rs.6,50,000
Revenue share of 25% with the Franchiser= Rs.1,62,500
Balance: Rs.4,87,500
ROI= Profit/Total investment * 100
= 4,87,000/1,77,000 * 100
= 275%