Alcohol Consumption Management program (ACMP)
Under this franchise scheme you will be given an area where you have
excellent contacts are well known to your area .
Your investment will be Rs.50,000 + 18% GST = Rs.59,000 towards
franchise license fees . Return on investment (ROI) will be between
200-500% approximately.
Your responsibility will be to ensure proper on-time delivery to the
customers from the designated pickup point .
No stock. No license required .
Deliveries can be made to your client directly or through you .
You will make members book orders through our digital platform as
an authorized agent .
You will appoint delivery boys we’ll pay them on delivery basis.
We’ll provide marketing support if necessary appoint marketing
executives to support you in member registration or attracting more
We will enter into an agreement for 1 year.


Return on Investment One time franchise fees ( Non-refundable) Rs.50,000 + 18% gst = Rs.59,000
Revenue Model:
The Revenue Model is calculated taking into account 300 working days 1200 customers during 1 st year of business. The average delivery charges per customer will be Rs.90 up to 3 kms and beyond it would be Rs.19 per km extra . Average 4 customers / day.
No. of deliveries per day : 15
Beer, wine & spirits :
Total revenue                                                              Rs.4,05,000
Revenue from membership charges                      Rs.3,60,000
Total                                                                             Rs.7,65,000
Revenue sharing 40% to the franchise                   Rs.3,06,000
Total revenue :                                                            Rs.4,59,000
Less : Expenses (Salaries,courier,transportation,packaging conveyance) : Rs.4,59,000
ROI = Total revenue/total investment * 100
ROI = 3,06,000/59,000 * 100
ROI= 518%


We are offering a digital platform for doing online e-commerce business which can be done with ease from the comfort of your home. The franchise provided by us is a unique concept of khao aur kamao as we all know that fruits & vegetable prices always fluctuate depending upon the demand & supply and production consumption . We have collaborated with the local farmers and encouraged them to produce organic/ chemical free fruits & vegetables and spices which will help the farmer to get reasonable prices and the consumer gets high quality at lowest price . A customer can save atleast 35% to 40% of his yearly spending on these essentials.
What we offer :
1. We are offering a digital platform i.e website/application for online billing .
2. Two weighing scales ( 1 manual and 1 digital )
3. Vegetable/fruits crates (20)
4. Packing material
5. Delivery bags
6. Stock worth Rs.50,000 ( Spices )
7. 1 display board ( 3ft. * 6ft. )
8. Marketing/ delivery executives
9. Digital promotions & local advertisement
What we expect :
An investment of Rs.3,00,000 towards franchise fees & other accessories. Validity of franchise agreement: 3 years. A hygienic & clean space commercial/residential with drinking water facility of 150 to 200 sq.ft Vegetables will be delivered to franchise’s location for
redistribution . Franchise will collect the orders online one day in advanced so that fresh vegetables & fruits can be delivered to the customer .
Franchise has to monitor packing , delivery & quality check and take the feedback from the customers.
Return on Investment
One time franchise fees ( Non-refundable) : Rs.3,00,000 + 18% gst =Rs.3,54,000
Revenue Model:
The Revenue Model is calculated taking into account 300 working days & 300 customers during 1 st year of business. The average spending of each customer having 4 members in a family will be Rs.3,000 on fruits & vegetables & spices as per the available data. Fruits , Vegetables & Spices:
Expenditure (per month of 1 family) Rs.3,000
Exp. 12 months Rs.36,000
Total Rs.1,08,00,000
Average margin (10%) Rs.10,80,000
Less : Expenses ( Electricity,rent,internet & packing material) = Rs.5,00,000
Total : Rs.5,80,000
The estimated profit for 3 years will be Rs.17,40,000
ROI= Profit/Total investment * 100 = 17,40,000/3,54,000 * 100
= 491% ( for 3 years )